New scorecards!

As promised yesterday! Most people know that I love keeping score. I score almost every game I attend in person and some I watch on TV. (This is part of my love of stats.) For some time I have used scorecards of my own design and last week I completed a re-design of the scorecards for this season. This post isn’t just pointless narcissism though; I produce these scorecards using Python code and this year I have put the code on GitHub for anyone to use.
The code can produce a blank scorecard, but it can also read in a text file to populate the teams and lineups. For example, my completed scorecard from today’s game is below. The Royals didn’t announce their lineup before I had to run it off the printer, so I filled that out manually, whereas the Twins side is done by the code. The default colour is red because it’s easiest to see red against both the white background and dark grey pencil marks. (It’s the same reason that red pens are used for editing.)

This is not my best code right now. I’m hoping to make further improvements to the code, including improving the documentation, making it more user-friendly and easier to tweak some parameters like size and colour, and if there’s an appetite for it, maybe making it easier for people to tailor it to their own scoring styles.

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