There aren’t many worse ways to ring in the new year than to wake up on 1 January and see that Christopher Martin-Jenkins has died. I don’t really have much that I can say about it, but I am sad. It was listening to him and others on TMS many summers ago that helped get me really interested in cricket with which to begin. Even above Aggers, he was always the person of whom I first thought when I had to imagine or mimic cricket commentary.

CMJ always seemed to me to be the perfect radio commentator. Not only was his voice and accent a very good one for radio (and especially cricket on the radio) he had a command of the English language which I think was unrivalled by any other commentator. Combined with his incredible knowledge of the game, it made him a joy to whom to listen and a joy to read. He was always one of my favourites in both fields and I will very much miss having him on TMS.

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