Royals’ draft pick

The Royals had the fifth pick overall in the draft this year and have selected a pitcher, right-handed Kyle Zimmer. I don’t know a lot about him, but he looks very talented and a good choice. His stats at the University of University of San Francisco are excellent, after transferring from being a third baseman. He was our expected pick, partly I think because from an organisational standpoint it looks like a good fit. Whilst it’s hard to say where we will be in five or so years, we have fairly set options at most other places. Good pitching is always important anyway and in our case I think it will still be one of our more pressing needs in the future.

I am confident about this pick. Apart from anything else, we have done a very good job with the draft picks in the past, most of our first round picks from a few years ago are well established in the major leagues. I have a lot of confidence in our scouting and development programmes and assuming he signs I look forward to seeing Zimmer come through the system.

Update: Here are some of those stats.

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