A nail in Morgan’s coffin?

The professional Cricketers Association today released a survey showing overwhelming support amongst English cricketers for a 16 game County Championship and criticising the Morgan Report for not consulting them. (Cricinfo also has a piece on this with a very misleading headline.) It is very good to see yet more condemnation of Morgan’s ill-concieved notion.

The ECB is now one of very few organisations to actually support the Morgan Review. In fact, I’m struggling to think of any others. I believe there are two or three counties and a handful in the media. Most of the counties, however, most I have seen in the media, nearly all of the county supporters and now the PCA are against it. The ECB are stubborn enough that I expect that they will still do everything in their power to force it through and rather pessimistically I expect them to succeed in the end. I am very pleased to see such strong resistance, however.

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