DRS in Sri Lanka

According to Cricinfo, the DRS in use for the Sri Lanka v England series will not have HotSpot (which the SLCB cannot afford), but will have Hawk-Eye instead of the much more random looking Virtual Eye. The article also says that Snickometer will be ‘the only tool to aid decisions on catches’ which is odd as it was previously decided that Snicko took too long to be used for the DRS. I don’t know if that has changed or if the article was simply inaccurate, but going off of some other information I’d guess the latter.

Even without HotSpot it is good to have the DRS and even better to have Hawk-Eye over Virtual Eye. I have already made my views on technology clear and I am glad that some form will be in use. The series will be the better for it and maybe now England’s batsmen will learn to actually use their bats on a slow pitch.

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