An idea for Test cricket

I read an interesting piece today suggesting that Test cricket move to a multi-division format. I think this is a good idea, right now there is no rational basis to the current granting of Test status. I would suggest having a nine team top flight, who would play four or five match series home and away against each other over the span of five years. This would allow teams to play two series home and away most years whilst allowing time for the World Cup and World T20 competitions, both of which would then be played once every five years. This would allow a simple league table to replace the current incomprehensible ICC table and a clear champion to be crowned every five years without the need for a Test Championship, though one could still be held. If the bottom two teams were relegated it would ensure that there were very few meaningless series. Even New Zealand v the West Indies would be a relegation ‘six-pointer’. It would also give the Associates the chance they deserve to play in the top flight. A look at the County Championship over the last couple of years shows how well such a system could work.

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