Saturday review – 14 Jan

It’s mostly been a pretty dismal week in cricket with the ECB accepting the Morgan review. It surprised me, as I hadn’t seen very many who supported the proposition and a huge number who opposed it. It was hugely infuriating to see it accepted, as I wrote about. In better news, England won their second warmup match and won rather more convincingly than their first one. All the bowlers looked good, and I’m greatly looking forward to the start of the series. The other two subcontinental teams currently playing had dismal weeks, with India looking about to lose the third Test inside three days and Sri Lanka bowled out for under 50 in the first ODI against Sri Lanka.

My favourite articles this week were mostly about the foolishness of accepting the Morgan review, but there are also a pair of good previews for the Pakistan v England series.

A step backwards for County Cricket? – Lizzy Ammon, Mirror

A bad decision for English cricket – George Dobell, Cricinfo

Travel time reclaimed from County Championship – King Cricket

England prepare to stay at No1 by innovating and avoiding complacency – Mike Selvey, Guardian

England’s lethal cocktail – Sam Sheringham, BBC

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