Saturday review – 7 Jan

After a hiatus for Christmas and New Year’s I am resuming my Saturday Review this week. The week was dominated by the New Year’s Tests, though in each case the hosts won comfortably on the fourth day. England began their tour of the UAE and bowled the ICC Combined Associate and Affiliate XI for 281, though it could have been better after the ICC XI were 90-6 just before lunch. Broad was the main destroyer, taking four wickets including one each in his first three overs. Anderson, Finn and Swann all picked up two. My favourite articles this week were:

Ian Bell: Lord Megachief of Gold 2011 – King Cricket

Bradman versus Warne – Ashley Mallett, Cricinfo

India have an athleticism problem – Harsha Bhogle, Cricinfo

Everyone’s invited to cricket’s giant virtual bar – Jarrod Kimber, Cricinfo

I’ve stopped writing summaries of them because I’m rubbish at it and don’t enjoy it. But I highly encourage you to read all of those, especially Jarrod Kimber’s as it describes everything I love about Twitter. It’s especially useful in America as there isn’t anyone local with whom I can talk about cricket.

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