Saturday review – 10 Dec

I had a bit of trouble assembling my customary review this week, like last week there were quite a few very good pieces and I like to stick to just five. The five I selected are presented in no particular order.

To begin with, at Cricinfo Christian Ryan writes about the relative lack of left arm orthodox spinners and explores possible reasons for their scarcity.

Keeping with the theme of spin, Barney Ronay in the Guardian writes about the modern trend of ‘mystery spinners’ and offers a brilliant summary of their career:

claim a sensational televised three for 12; invent a delivery called the Zangler, the Knucklechuck or the Massive Pie; become the officially recognised next big thing; play a season for the Bangalore Cheesesteaks; get the yips; get no-balled for chucking; have a tantrum while playing for Devon; disappear completely.

On the BBC website Jonathan Agnew looks at the squad for England’s tour of the UAE and suggests perhaps that Bairstow out to have been picked over Bopara. I’m tempted to agree, as Bopara has never really looked like a test level batsman, but I’d rather not blood Bairstow in the UAE.

In the wake of Andrew Flower suggesting that he might step down before the 2015 World Cup, Lizzy Ammon has a pice in the Mirror about his history and the incredible effect he has had on the England side since he was given the top job in 2009.

Finally, on the week of Peter Willey’s 62nd birthday Rob Steen writes at the Cricketer about Willey and the defiant innings he played to save the 1980 Oval test against the West Indies.

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