Saturday review – 3 Dec

Far and away the best article I read this week, or any of the last several weeks, was Jarrod Kimber’s ‘Occupy Lord’s‘. I can’t really do it justice with a description; it’s absolutely brilliant and you should go read it immediately. (Hopefully then coming back and reading the rest of this!)

Mukul Kesavan has a great article in Cricinfo today about the fallacy of ‘international hundreds’. It’s very cleverly written, and of course it is nice to see a reasonably high profile writer agree with me.

Also in Cricinfo, Sriram Dayanand has an essay on John Arlott, how he affected Harold Larwood and the role he played in getting Basil D’Oliveira to England. Whilst the events described are fairly well known, the extent of Arlott’s involvement is seldom mentioned.

At the Cricketer, Mark Baldwin writes about the County Championship fixtures and the half-baked Morgan Review. It’s an excellent dissection of the confusion the ECB exhibit with respect to the domestic game.

Lastly, on the Guardian Sport Blog Max Benson wrote about the rise of British sport and the new found edge that we see in cricket and elsewhere.

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