Verlander wins AL Cy Young award

Justin Verlander was the unanimous choice for the 2011 AL Cy Young award. That Verlander would win was almost a given having won the pitching Triple Crown; the only competition was for second place. What will be very interesting to see is whether Verlander can also win the AL MVP next week. I think he ought to. I can’t think of anyone who did more for a team than he did. Certainly from the standpoint of a Royals fan he was the player, pitcher or position, that I least wanted to see in an opponent’s starting IX. There are always arguments over whether a pitcher should be able to win the MVP, but I don’t think there is no reason why a pitcher shouldn’t be more valuable than a position player. Even if a pitcher only starts once every five days he can go much farther to winning that game than a position player. I would like to see more pitchers win MVP.

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