Hoz finished third

Eric Hosmer came third in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. Jeremy Hellickson, of the Rays, won and Victor Trumbo came in second. Hellickson had a 2.95 ERA and 13 wins for the Rays, and it’s very difficult compare pitching and batting stats so it’s a fair choice. It’s amazing that Trumbo got more votes than Hoz though. Trumbo hit .254 for the Angels, 39 points behind Hoz and had only eleven more RBIs in over a month’s more games. Hoz also had more hits and runs scored than any other AL rookie.

On the bright side, Hoz got more votes than Ivan Nova, so the voters aren’t hopeless.

2 thoughts on “Hoz finished third

    1. I think Hosmer was the best candidate, but I’m too cynical to be surprised when Royals are overlooked for major awards. I don’t begrudge Hellickson the award though, an ERA of 2.95 is fantastic.


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