Weekend roundup

Here are some of my favourite articles from around the web this week:

There is nothing big or clever or grown-up about wallowing in other people’s misery King Cricket produces a graph of Australia’s recent batting performances which doubles as an inverted graph of the levels of schadenfreude experienced by English cricket lovers.

Yorkshire sack three coaches in shake-up after Division One relegation Keeping with the schadenfreude theme (at least for those west of the Pennines), the Guardian report on the ongoing repercussions of Yorkshire’s relegation.

West Indies have flubbed their best chance Harsha Bhogle on the West Indies failure to press home their advantage in the first Test in India and how the West Indies must get out of their losing mindset.

Flower’s fears for the future Andy Flower spoke to the Independent about his fears for the future of Test cricket.

– Finally, a sad note: As I was writing this the news broke that journalist and former Somerset captain Peter Roebuck had died. One could do worse than spend some time re-reading some of his articles.

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