Royals trade Cabrera

As sick as I am of constantly reshuffling the outfield, it looks like it’s probably a good deal. The Royals got left handed pitchers Jonathan Sanchez and Ryan Verdugo from San Francisco in return and it’s little secret that we badly need pitching. Sanchez’s career numbers aren’t spectacular, an ERA of 4.26 in the National League, but he had a strong 2010 and averages better than a strikeout per inning pitched over his career. He struggled a bit more in 2011, and was hampered by an injury, but he looks like a good addition to the rotation. He also ensures that the Royals will have at least one left handed starter, even if Bruce Chen and Jeff Francis do not return to KC. I don’t know a lot about Verdugo, but he is seen as a relief prospect despite starting at the Giants AA affiliate this year. He will be in Omaha with the Royals.

Cabrera’s departure leaves a hole in centre field, presumably to be filled by Lorenzo Cain on an every day basis. Cain is the main result of the Greinke deal (I view Escobar as having come over for Betancourt in a like-for-like swap) and it will be very nice to see him get a regular chance to start in the major leagues next season. He had a good year with Omaha last year and his .273 as a September call up. It may also give Jarrod Dyson and Mitch Maier more time in the outfield as Cain will probably get more days off than Cabrera did. It’s obviously far too early to say what the team might look like in April, but I think this is a step in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Royals trade Cabrera

    1. I should clarify: I meant like-for-like in that they’re both shortstops, not that they have the same skills as such.


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