Rangers of Texas, not Glasgow

Before the RWC final and England’s almost certainly ill-fated attempt to salvage something against India there is another event. (Tonight is going to be fun.) Game Three of the World Series starts at 19.00 CDT/01.00 BST. The Rangers won Game Two after a bit of inspired idiocy by the Cardinals allowed Texas to score twice in the top of the ninth. Most of the blame for that loss had to go to Tony LaRussa for his increasingly frenetic (and increasingly ill-advised) pitching changes. It came off during the NLCS, but there was an element of fortune to that. It did not come off in Game Two.

I expect we’ll see more of the same tonight, with some of the changes maybe even warranted. Kyle Lohse starts for St Louis and he has failed to impress in the postseason, both this year and in his career. With the smaller dimensions in Texas it may be a long night for the Cardinals staff. Matt Harrison starts for Texas and it’s a golden opportunity for them to take a 2-1 lead in the series. Home field advantage looks like it will play a very big role in the series, and the Cardinals lapse on Thursday night could prove very costly.

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