Andy’s still British!

Andy Murray won the Shanghai Masters for the second consecutive year yesterday. (Or the day before? I don’t know what the time difference is.) It always looked on the cards; not only was he in excellent form, but Nadal suffered a shock defeat in the third round. Until he faced fifth ranked David Ferrer in the final, his most illustrious opponent was world number 19 Stanislas Wawrinka who he beat in the third round 6-4, 3-6, 6-3. As a result of the win Murray will move into third in the ATP rankings, ahead of Roger Federer. Read that again: Andy Murray is better than Roger Federer. It’s quite some result, but not undeserved. Since his loss at Wimbledon the Briton has won 28 out of the thirty matches he has played, won four tournaments and led Great Britain to a pair of Davis Cup victories. Since going out of the US Open he has won sixteen consecutive matches. It’s still a while before the Australian Open, but at this rate he may only need Djokovic to injure himself.

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